The UNIVERSAL ADAPTER (UA) is a powerful integration tool that Blaze developed to ensure we could rapidly develop and deploy robust enterprise integration solutions without needing to rely on 3rd party software. The UA is a low-code/code-free integration tool with it’s own scripting engine that allows us (and our customers) to quickly define business logic in each interface. Because the interfaces are scripted there is no need to employ programmers and wait for traditional point-to-point interfaces to be developed.

The Universal Adapter is a comprehensive framework that allows interfaces to be quickly deployed into a centralised managed environment. The built-in interface monitoring features will automatically inform you if there is ever an issue with an interface.
If you want business partners and cloud applications to securely exchange data with your back office systems then simply publish the interfaces via the secure API gateway.

Define interfaces by configuring easy to use:

  • Triggers that will start a process; such as the arrival of a file or a new record in a database
  • Parsers that allow you to easily read data from files, web services, databases etc
  • Endpoints that update other systems or databases
  • Easy to read scripts that define business logic

All the complexity of developing reliable interfaces is encapsulated in the easy to use Blaze Universal Adapter. The Blaze UA console allows all interfaces to be comprehensibly monitored, audited and managed. Automated alerts inform you of potential problems such as a lack of activity during a specified window allowing you to proactively manage the flow of information between systems.

Blaze UA includes:


  • Folder watcher
  • Scheduler
  • SQL database watcher
  • URL
  • Web Service

Parsers (for reading data):

  • File handlers
  • SQL readers
  • Web Service handlers
  • IoT device controllers
  • Data parsers (XML, CSV, JSON, Excel etc)

Business Logic:

  • GOTO
  • STOP
  • DATE
  • MATH
  • SET

Endpoints (for writing and updating data):

  • File handlers for creating interface files (CSV, Excel, XML, JSON etc)
  • SQL commands for writing data directly to databases
  • Web services (SOAP, REST)
  • Archive
  • Email

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