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Rant & Rave Database Goes Live

Greenfields Community Housing build a database of feedback. Blaze uses the Universal Adapter to download Rant & Rave survey results and store them in a data warehouse where they can be automatically analysed by the business.

Advanced DRS Integration Goes Live

Gentoo go live with automated management of follow-on jobs in DRS Advanced (Kirona) integrate their DRS solution with the Universal Adapter (UA) to allow the UA to capture real-time updates from DRS. These are used by the UA to monitor the progress of jobs in DRS to determine if a follow on job is required. The UA analyses the visit data and creates the follow on in DRS using DRS web service calls. The UA also uses Orchard web services to update the Orchard housing system with "no access" events, so users of both systems are kept informed.

Rant & Rave Integration Goes Live

Greenfields Community Housing go live with Rant & Rave. Blaze uses the Universal Adapter to integrate Rant & Rave with Orchard CRM contacts, repairs, income contacts, tenancy visits and signups. This allows the unique Rant & Rave service to contact customers to receive accurate feedback regarding the service the customer received.

Universal Adapter nominated for second award

Thank you to all those who have completed projects with us in the last year and gone live as this has been recognised as the Universal Adapter is nominated and shortlisted for its second award of the year. Fingers crossed for the 25th May in Manchester when we will know if we have won or not.

Universal Adapter shortlisted for innovation award.

The Universal Adapter as a technology is still in its early year’s but already has been nominated for its first technology award. The Social Housing Sector is going through significant changes driven by government legislation and is reaching out beyond the traditional service providers to find new and innovative solutions to help deliver day to day services. We are pleased that the Universal Adapter is being recognised for its commitment to help the sector adapt to change.

Universal Adapter enables Cloud Dialogs mobile solution.

The Universal Adapter has enabled Cloud Dialogs to extend its reach within the Social Housing sector but providing an integration platform which provides true end to end process management for repairs, voids, planned and tenancy management. The deployed solution can be up and running in a matter of days as a ”Out of the box solution” as all of the complicated integration work is part of the standard functionality of the Universal Adapter suite of connectors.    

Cloud Dialogs announces workshop with Manifest Software Solutions

Cloud Dialogs are hosting workshops discussing how to extend the functionality in any Housing Management System (HMS). Manifest Software Solutions has been invited as a key speaker to demonstrate the power of the Blaze Universal Integration Adapter (Blaze UIA) and how they use it to develop exciting new integrated solutions for the Housing sector. Workshops will be held on: Wednesday 24th February 2016, London Tuesday 8th March 2016, Birmingham Wednesday 9th March 2016, Manchester

Orchard Information Systems Workitem and Case connector developed

Our partner Manifest Software Solutions has today launched an extension to our Orchard Information Systems connector that allows users of the Orchard Housing Management System to automatically create cases and workitems using information from an external system. Information from any Blaze Universal Integration Adapter (Blaze UIA) connector can now be used to trigger a case and workitem in Orchard allowing the case to be progressed through the Orchard CRM automatically applying associated updates to the system dashboard.